Will He Propose?

If you are reading this then you could well be contemplating that question that has plagued women for centuries, will he propose? The chances are that you have found that special someone that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with. Your relationship has grown from the first hello, to getting to know each other to one where you are both committed to each other, and happy to be with each other. You love him and as far as you can tell he loves you. Only one slight problem, for whatever reason he is showing absolutely no sign of wanting to take your relationship to its natural next step, and if marriage is something that you want and need, then the question of will he propose could be causing you a great deal of concern.

It’s more than reasonable to think that if he really loved you then he would be more than happy to take the next, natural step in your relationship. will he proposeIt’s reasonable to think that if he’s “not ready” then he just doesn’t love you enough. The thing about reasonable assumptions is that they tend to just look at the surface of the problem, they don’t go for the root. Love is a wonderful thing, but you need more than love to take the next step forward in your relationship.

A massive problem with society today is that we are so heavily influenced by the media and fiction. People tend to forget that what they see at the movies, on a T.V screen, or that they read in a book isn’t real, it’s a story. Again and again we are presented with a romantic ideal that is all too easy to believe, because it takes you away from the humdrum reality of daily life.

If your hope is for marriage, then don’t try to take your relationship forward based on some romantic ideal!!! You need to build and shape your relationship around who you and your partner are, shape it around your personal lives, and most important of all, you have to shape your relationship around your personal circumstances and not try to make it something that’s it’s not! But I appreciate that it can be difficult given that wherever you look whether it’s the movies, music, magazines or whatever, someone is always trying to sell you a story because they know that their target audience, that’s you, has become conditioned to respond to the romantic ideal.

Will He Propose?

I guess that it can be all too easy to look at your guy and see someone with commitment issues. You might really want to get married, but if he is dragging his heels and proving to be uncommunicative about his feelings then you can end up wondering just where is the point! You might end that relationship and find another guy who seems to have a commitment phobia, and another, and another, and you can start to wonder if the problem is you? Well it’s not, if you will he proposewant someone to blame the blame the media, blame women’s magazines, blame romantic movies and novels, but whatever you do, don’t blame yourself!!!

When it comes to feelings and emotions it can be like men and women are two different species. The problem with men is that we can struggle to understand our feelings, now we’re not all that bad, but there are enough to make their partners lives miserable. Please remember that just because he has not proposed to you, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love dearly  or that he doesn’t want to be with you, or that he won’t marry you, it’s just that he’s irritatingly slow in working through his feelings.

Whilst men do listen to the head and heart, although it probably doesn’t always seem that way, we also operate far too much on gut instinct, and unfortunately gut instinct tends to be listened to more than the heart.

Will He Ever Propose?

If he does take a long time in realizing that he wants to marry you, then you at least know that he is sure in his own mind that marriage is what he wants. One thing that I would say is that if this is the guy that you want to spend the rest of your life with then don’t push him, don’t rush him, but do help him come to his decision, and there are ways that you can do that.

will he ever proposeAs you have probably noticed, when I guy meets a woman for the first time he likes to talk himself up, he wants to impress you. Now he might wine and dine you at expensive restaurants, he might give you expense gifts, all of which he might not be able to afford, or if he can then he might start believing that all you want him for is his money. If he is ever going to propose to you then you need to show that you are interested in the real him, and not the persona that he has created to impress you.

Make sure that he knows that it’s him that you are interested, and that everything else is nice, but it’s not that important, make sure that he knows that the most important thing for you is spending time with him. If he knows that you are interested in him, the individual, then a part of him will realise that you are genuine and that will move him closer to you.

Obviously if you want to find out the real him then you will have to ask questions. Be very careful not to ask questions that sound as if all you are interested in is his future prospects and is he worth taking to the altar.

Talk to him about his work, talk to him about his likes and dislikes. Probably best to steer away from things like hopes and dreams as that tends to lead to the idea of marriage, and if he’s still working through what he feels for you, then that could scare him off. If you ask him questions that get him to open up and reveal the real him, then he will find himself drawing closer to you and becoming more attracted to you.

If You Want Him to Propose

Don’t ever try to pressurize him into proposing or try to force the issue. If you want your marriage to stand a chance you both have to come to the realization that this is your way forward, in your own time. If you try to push the issue you could drive him away and you could lose out on happiness. If it becomes an issue that you both have to marry then if he capitulates then he could resent you.

You both have to be comfortable about getting married, if you are not then you will not being entering marriage looking forward to a bright future together. Both of you have to be a clear about this decision, and both of you need to make it because your partner is the person that you want to spend the rest of your will he proposelives with.

So, will he propose? If you are worried if he will ever propose then there is a way forward. Girl Gets Ring has been developed by relationship experts T Dub and Jonathan Green. T Dub has experienced phenomenal, global success in bringing couples back together, even when they had gone their separate ways. On the other hand Jonathan is one of the world’s leading dating coaches for men, his expert knowledge will help you to get into and understand your guy’s mind. If you really want to take your relationship to the next step then T Dub and Jonathan have the knowledge and experience that you need.

Girl Gets Ring isn’t about being pushy or manipulative, it’s about bringing you closer to the man that you love in a natural way that won’t push your man away, but will bring him closer.

Far too many people have drifted into solitary, single lives. T Dub and Jonathan want to do something about this and have embarked upon a million marriage mission. They and I want you to be able to find happiness. I believe that Girl Gets Ring will take you from wondering, will he propose to proposal, or as T Dub puts it, “to go from hello to I do.”

Will he propose? I hope so and I hope that things work out for you and that you find the love and commitment that you deserve.

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